Hager Companies

Hager Companies is a 6th generation 167 year old company that is a full line door hardware manufacturer. Manufacturing Commercial Hinges to Access Control and everything in-between.

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Designed for the specialized door market, the company’s cutting-edge commissions include bullet-resistant and blast-resistant doors, frames and windows; acoustic doors and frame assemblies; lead-lined doors and frames; and brass-clad doors and frames. “Our products are so far ahead of the market that many of our potential clients don’t believe the technology even exists,” says President Jack Shinder proudly.

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As we continue to lead the industry in quality and innovation, Anemostat’s commitment to service at a competitive price is second to none. From our modern manufacturing facility in Los Angeles, California, Anemostat is uniquely equipped to fabricate from a standard line of quality products, or to provide jobs that may have a special design, shape or finish in accommodating your custom application requirement. When you deal with Anemostat, you deal with a company dedicated to getting the job done right.

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Artek Door

Artek Door is an independently owned Canadian company manufacturing a wide variety of fire rated and non-rated steel doors and frames for commercial, industrial, institutional, and high rise applications.

With over 30 years of experience offering quality service to our customers across Canada and the United States, we have built a solid reputation as one of the Premier manufactures in North America.

When safety and security are paramount, Artek Door can be selected with confidence to fabricate nearly any size, shape or configuration of steel doors or frames you require.

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Through our employees we will work with our business partners to provide customized entry solutions to the new construction and renovation markets.    By applying our skills and technologies we will provide high quality, innovative offerings which exceed the demands of the industry.

We provide our business partners with products and solutions that are built upon our standards of excellence and value beginning to end.

We believe our company culture is a competitive advantage.  By focusing on our customers we create value for customers and employees alike.

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The “Cutting Edge” product line of heavy duty commercial fiberglass doors & frames by Edgewater FRP Door.

Price, Leadtime, Warranty, Quality and Service are all foremost on our list of priorities for developing “The Most Intelligent Commercial Fiberglass Door and Frame Systems” on the market.

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Karona Door

Whether you are looking for residential or commercial doors, Karona has what you need. Make a signature statement or install doors that simply reflect the architecture of your project. Whichever you choose, Karona has the style and quality to match any project.

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OSHKOSH Door Company

OSHKOSH Door is a commercial wood door manufacturer that promotes Right Product. Right Place. Right Time offering the following services.

  • Quick Quote-Get a competitive quote instantly, day or night.
  • Quick Ship Program-Sometimes you need things faster to get the job done.
  • Affordable Customization-Save money without limiting your options.
  • 24-hour Color Sample Turn Around-Get your color sample approved and your doors faster
  • Fast Track Replacements-An empty frame is never acceptable. Make things right.
  • Order Customization-Order coordination, special packaging, and package sorting.

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SERENITY Sliding Door Systems

Serenity is able to provide a complete system including the frame,door and all required hardware. Serenity’s system is ADA complaint, fully sealed for sight and sound, and can carry an STC 35 equivalent rating. Whatever the application Serenity Sliding Door System has the ability to create a customized solution to meet your needs.

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